This Was Hidden In One Family's Attic, And Their Lives Were Never The Same

By 1 year ago

When Brian and his family moved into a spooky old house, they expected remodeling to be their biggest problem. And for a long time, it was, which made it so much more unbelievable when their renovations revealed something crazy that had been there all along, sitting right under their noses for years and years. One day, however, when they finally broke down one wall, in particular, their lives were forever changed. Read on to find out what went down...

A New House

When Brian, 35, bought the beautiful old house on Cedar Lane in Cleveland, Ohio, he was ecstatic. Sure, the place would definitely need a few tweaks (okay, a lot of tweaks) but it was finally his! He and his wife were happy just to have a place of their own, where they could live for years, and raise their children. First, though, they had to put in the work...

Going Down


They started renovations on the second floor. After a year of renovations, they finally moved to the first floor. This one took a little longer, a few years to really make perfect. After about five years, they finally finished and moved to their final project: the unfinished and kind of terrifying basement. They started with the walls…

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