Second Graders Help Richmond Pets Find Forever Homes

A second-grade class from Richmond, Virginia is helping homeless pets have an advantage when it comes to finding their forever homes.

When the Richmond Animal Care and Control director brought an adoptable pup to St. Michael's Episcopal School recently, they were on a specific mission. Mrs. Jones' second-grade class had an assignment to write a persuasive story from the perspective of a shelter pet trying to get adopted.

The students chose individual animals at the shelter and wrote heartfelt pleas along with colorful drawings to compliment their writing. The staff at the RACC held a walk-through over the weekend, and outside the kennels of each pet hung the students' stories and drawings.

The staff at the RACC are vouching for the stories, calling them very persuasive. Yosemite, an American pit bull terrier is quoted in his story saying, "I like the animal shelter, but you would be the best! If you're looking for a pet please, please, please take me home."

For another pup, a German Shepherd named Famous Amos, the student wrote "Don't you love my name?"

The students' stories are also on display on the animals' adoption profiles on the RACC's website.

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