Sam Adams Buys Beer for COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients

For a limited time, the beer brand Samuel Adams is incentivizing people to get their COVID-19 jabs with the offer of a free beer.

The Boston brewery announced the promotion on Wednesday this week with a light-hearted TV spot in support of the vaccine. Sam Adams is inviting fans to get the vaccine in exchange for $7, which the brand will send through Cash App for anyone who posts a picture of their vaccination sticker or bandage to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ShotforSam.

The promotion is open for U.S. residents ages 21 and older, and the giveaway closes on May 15, or until 10,000 eligible entries are received.

"Sam Adams hopes drinkers will get back to supporting the bars and restaurants they love," said the beer brand. "So if you get vaccinated against Covid-19, we'll buy your first beer back!"

Once the photo is posted, the company says that they will message the chosen individual. "Then look out for a DM from Sam,” the company said. “Make sure you have a Cash App account and don’t forget to tip your servers!"

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