Russia’s Most “Hi-Tech” Robot Is Just a Man in a Suit

Things got a little awkward for Russia when their ‘most modern robot’ turned out to be a hoax.

A Russian state TV show displayed the robot to their millions of viewers, claiming that it was the most modern robot of all time and that Russia was ahead of the game. Unfortunately, for those believers, the robot turned out to be a fraud.

Turns out, there was one small problem: the piece of skin appearing from under its helmet. That’s right, you can easily see the man in the robot suit. Womp Womp.

They probably should have made the suit seamless if they really wanted to pull this one off.

The funniest part? Some viewers took it upon themselves to google ‘robot suits’ online, and the results did not disappoint.

As it turns out, this is just an “Alyosha the Robot” costume designed by Show Robots—you, too, can order the “most hi-tech robot” costume.

The state media source since unlisted the segment on Youtube but has not offered any explanation as to why they tried to dupe the country. Something tells us they should’ve reviewed the clip a little more before posting.

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