Rude Neighbor Harshly Learns Why He Shouldn’t Have Blocked His Elderly Neighbors Driveway With Cement Blocks

By 1 year ago

It shouldn’t be hard to get along with your neighbor, but sometimes, it’s impossible… Especially if you have some pretty rude people to deal with! When one man moved to a small town in Florida, he wrongfully claimed the land as his own and learned why he shouldn’t have done that the hard way…

Neighbor Wars

It’s always wise to get to know your neighbor and get on good terms with them! Sometimes, it’s inevitable that a new neighbor will be standoffish or rude, but this neighbor took things to a whole new level as he was building his home.


Lifetime Neighbor

Oliver Lynch had been living in his Osceola, Florida home for 25 years. The 79-year-old was a pretty friendly guy, as neighbors have said, and wasn’t mean to anyone. He was enjoying his retirement years until a new neighbor bought the plot of land next to his home…

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