Researchers Link Lifelong Happiness to Growing Up Outside Cities

A vacation to the mountains might be just what a kid needs growing up. According to research from the International Journal of Environmental Health and Public Health, regular exposure to nature indicated a better mental health.

Seeing green and blue spaces during portions of one’s childhood strongly correlated with the individual’s mental health later in life. The data is so impressive that some scientists say it’s a predictor for mental health throughout a lifetime.

Though it’s not distinctly a cause for good mental health, nature gives us things that contribute to positive mental health. These can include self-esteem, physical activity, quality of life, and more. In short, nature is usually good for you.

The argument could mean nature is healthy or cities are unhealthy. Cities often have air pollution and crowding, which can stunt cognitive abilities and emotional growth.

Though nothing is concrete yet, getting out into nature is probably a good idea. Spending some time in the great outdoors is a mood booster for everyone, so get out of the city!

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