Real-Life Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

By 1 year ago

Some things are not always as they seem, but we think that's just fine if you like it that way! Break your brain with these mind-bending photos that will leave you scratching your head. 

Moving the Moon

This shot was snapped at the perfect time on top of a skyscraper in downtown Shanghai. Later that week, this crane put up the foundation to a skyscraper that completely blocked the view of the sunset from this building. This was probably the last time that this picture could ever be taken in this specific place. This is truly a magical moment. 

When Elk Fly


Did you think that this was some strange breed of flying elk? Well, if you did, you're terribly incorrect! Behind this elk is a mother swan chasing off the elk to protect her eggs that rest on the riverbank right behind them. 

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