Ralph Lauren Releases ‘Friends’ Collection for Show’s 25th Anniversary

In honor of the 25th anniversary of “Friends,” Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdale’s have partnered to release a collection inspired by the characters’ iconic style.

Aptly named “The One Where They All Wear Ralph Lauren,” the line is dedicated to the entire cast, consisting of an updated version of the styles worn on the latter half of the show. Featuring sweaters, turtlenecks, suits, and stand-out pieces from the show, the collection blends perfectly nostalgia with modernized pieces.

It seems like a long time coming from the brand that Rachel Green worked for on the show. The line pays homage to the fashion icon and daddy’s girl turned professional bada$$ with casual businesswear options that put her career goals in the center of collection’s vision board.

While the Friends collection is meant to be business wear, it’s a little sad that Rachel’s iconic tiny t-shirts, mom jeans, and coveralls aren’t making an appearance.

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