Rail Worker Who Saved Child From Train Donates Half of Reward Money to Boy's Family

Earlier this week, an Indian railway worker named Mayur Shelke saw a six-year-old boy fall into the path of an oncoming train. Without a second thought, Shelke's paternal instinct kicked in, and he ran onto the tracks to save him.

"I ran towards the child but also thought that I might be in danger too. Still, I thought I should save him," Shelke said. "The woman [with the child] was visually impaired. She could do nothing."

Shelke, who had recently become a father himself, felt compelled to do something. "The child who [slipped and fell] is someone's precious child, too," he said. "My child is the apple of my eye, so must that boy in peril have been to his parents. I just felt something stir within me and I rushed without thinking twice."

Shelke, 30, was given ₹50,000, or $660, from the Ministry in a special ceremony as a reward for saving the child's life. Instead of keeping all the money to care for his own family, Shelke decided to donate half of it to the boy's family.

"I'll give half of the amount, given to me as a token of appreciation, for that child's welfare and education," he said. "I came to know that his family isn't financially strong. So I decided this."

Shelke's generosity made him go viral on the Internet for a second time since the initial release of the video.

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