Take The Quiz And Find Out Your Myers Briggs Personality Type

The Myers-Briggs 16 personality types are designed to help you understand yourself better. This test will help you identify your personality type along with some of the main characteristics that go along with it. The personalities go off of Extraversion vs. Introversion; Sensing vs. Intuition; Thinking vs. Feeling; and Judging vs. Perceiving.

I try not to draw too much attention to myself.

I feel uncomfortable when I find that I disagree with someone else's opinion.

I tend to lose things frequently.

I have a vivid imagination. 

Attending a party in my honor sounds like the best thing ever. 

Competition is not my thing. 

I'd rather follow a schedule than go with the flow.

I love being the center of attention. 

I avoid conflict as much as I can.

I always finish my work on time.

Following traditions is very important to me.

I make an effort to be popular. 

I sympathize with those less fortunate than I am.

I have poor impulse control.

I often think about why people do the things that they do.

Bring around people gives me energy.

I am helpful to those around me.

I'm ambitious.

I like to do things the traditional way.

I avoid being alone.

I can forgive easily. 

I like to try new hobbies.

I try to stay active.

It's best to not be biased when making a decision.

I always keep my belongings in their proper place.

I never have much to say.

I like to be there for people when they feel sad. 

I would rather go with the flow than have a schedule.

I enjoy philosphical discussions.

I let other people know what I'm thinking.

I avoid arguing even if I disagree with something.

I always adhere to deadlines.

I always try to have the most fun no matter what I'm doing.

I'm able to resist temptations.

I find it easy to talk to strangers.

I believe in the importance of art.

I spend my free time by myself.

I have a daily routine that I strictly stick to.

I'm always imagining the future.

I enjoy helping others with their personal problems. 

Quiz Results

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