Protest Signs That Are so Funny You’ll Forget What the Problem Is

By 1 year ago

If you want your voice heard, sometimes you have to show it. While most people take their marching pretty seriously, others like to have a little fun with their rally signs. Whether you’re just “a little upset” or just want to make a Harry Potter reference, there’s a ton of ways to spice up your sign. Read on to see some of the most creative and funny ways people made their voices heard…

Playing It Cool

The best way to get your point across can sometimes be in the smallest way possible, like this person’s sign that says it all. I am a little upset, and that’s why I’m protesting here today!


Alien Intervention

The Area 51 raid was a big deal, but not big enough to get this man to ignore the protest! But if he’s here, who’s finding all those hidden aliens?

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