Priceless & Hilarious Notes Dads Have Left for Their Children

By 2 years ago

Dads, there’s truly nothing like ’em. From bothering you about your outfit choice when he’s rocking socks and sandals, to picking on your favorite music while he’s still jamming to 80s hair bands, there’s truly nothing off limits.

If you didn’t have to deal with your fair share of “dad-isms” growing up, here’s your crash course in all things fatherly. These were real notes left by fathers to their offspring…

Animal LUVR

This dad clearly cares about his fish and dog, arguably more than his kid. After all, a dog is man’s best friend—feed the dog and no one gets hurt. Dog dad’s mean business when it comes to their furchildren.


Lazy Level 10

While usually, we rely on Dad to always have the answers, this just wasn’t one of his finer moments. Instead of looking under the bed himself, he instead found a pen and paper and wrote a note about the unidentified object—an all-time lazy level 100 move.

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