Wedding Photos of Presidents, First Ladies, & Presidential Children

The Obama Wedding

On the 3rd of October, 1992, Michelle wore an iconic drop shoulder wedding gown following the 90s trend with a sophisticated veil. At Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, all dolled up, her brother walked her down the aisle. Barack and Michelle wholeheartedly said “I do” followed by their first dance together on “You and I” as life partners.


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The More You Know

  • And while we're on the subject of tomatoes, ketchup was once actually sold as medicine.
  • The Dutch declared a war against the Royalists but no battles happened or deaths caused. It went on for 335 years.
  • Until the 19th century in Asia, elephants were trained to execute and torture prisoners and traitors.
  • Ketchup was known to treat diarrhea and was used as medicine. Even made into pills.
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