Popeyes Has Chicken Nuggets

If you thought the chaos around the Popeyes chicken sandwich was crazy, wait until the chicken nuggets drop. Fans of the fast-food franchise are looking forward to the drop and are already talking about the cultural impact of the nuggets. Weird, right?

"We aim to show the world once again the magic of Popeyes chicken with our new Nuggets. We believe that these pieces of crunchy, juicy delicious chicken will have guests question how they ever enjoyed chicken nuggets before this," Sami Siddiqui, president of Popeyes Americas said.

Like everything else on the menu, the nuggets are drenched in Louisiana goodness with locally known recipes. They are seasoned just like the critically acclaimed sandwich. They're marinated for at least 12 hours, hand-battered and breaded in buttermilk; then slowly fried to deliver a crisp, juicy bite, Popeyes said in a statement.

Will the nuggets make everyone go crazy? Or will they fail to live up to the hype? 

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