Policewoman's Career on the Line After Racy Influencer Photos Emerge

When she became "the hottest cop on Instagram," Adrienne had no idea how much her life was going to change. A lot was going to be put to the test, including her dedication to her career...

Renaissance Woman

Adrienne Koleszár is a Jill of all trades. She has a successful career while juggling multiple personal passions once she clocks out. A lot of people find it difficult to separate work life from personal life, but Adrienne had it figured out. Or, so she thought...


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The More You Know

  • A reindeer's eyes can change colors with the seasons.
  • You're more likely to become President than you are to win the lottery.
  • More people are bitten each year by New Yorkers than by sharks.
  • The magnetic North Pole is moving.
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