Shocking Doctored Photos That Changed History

By 1 year ago

History relies heavily on eyewitness accounts and photos. When these accounts are falsified, history can get muddy. There are tons of photos that have been doctored and transformed to employ a certain narrative that a person wants, but that ends up changing history...

Abbey Road Was Photoshopped For American Audiences

It's shocking, but it's true. You probably had no idea that the infamous album cover that we all know is actually the tiniest bit photoshopped. Apparently, the cigarette in Paul's hand wasn't gonna fly with the American music industry, so they decided to alter the photo before releasing it to audiences...

No More Cig


This is actually the album cover we all know and love. It's not a huge difference, but it does change the feeling of the photo just a bit. The image of Paul barefoot in the street with a cigarette loosely dangling from his hand is the pinnacle of carelessness... Without the cigarette, it just looks like he's barefoot to be edgy. 

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