This Cat Crushes the Guitar

By 4 months ago

Pets are known to do some pretty strange things when we aren’t around. While some pets choose to catch a snooze, others get curious and check things out around your home.

For @chelsebcoombs on Twitter, her cat prefers to shred… the guitar.

That’s right, Chelsey’s cat plays guitar for her, every morning.

While that might seem hilarious, for Chelsey, it’s a bit annoying because her cat’s guitar sessions begin promptly at 4:30 AM.

Twitter has fallen in love with this talented feline saying things like, “This cat definitely plays guitar better than I do.”

Another Twitter user titled the cat’s song as “Gib me food.”

But that’s not all this cool cat does. Chelsey posted a second video of her cat revealing his singing chops, too.

Seems like there’s really nothing this kitty can’t do. Looks like he’s destined to be the next Golden Buzzer star on America’s Got Talent.