Pet Tax Deductions: Can You Claim Your Furry Friends?

Tax season is here, people, and it's time to clear up some things when it comes to taxes and pets. While your furry friends do not qualify as dependents, there are some potential deductions out there for animal owners. 

In some cases, you may deduct some expenses related to your pets, but only if the pet is a service animal, a working animal, or a performance animal. Pets like racehorses, guide dogs, sheepdogs, and pets that make money modeling or through social media are examples of permitted deductions.

In some cases, you may also claim expenses for caring for foster animals, but the animal has to be fostered through a qualified non-profit charity. 

If your pet meets any of the criteria listed above, here's what you can claim back. The two main expenses that can be claimed are food and medical expenses. You may also claim the expense of buying the pet, training them, and grooming them, too, but again, this is only if your pet falls in the service animal, working animal, performance animal, or foster pet categories.

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