Ohio Pets Pose with Santa to Raise Money for Retired Military and Police K-9s

In Hudson, Ohio, the Hudson Veterinary Hospital held a fundraiser over the weekend to raise money for Paws of Honor, a non-profit that provides vet care for retired military and law enforcement K-9s. 

Santa was on the scene to take photos with cats, dogs, and other pets. Pet owners weren't charged for the photos but were encouraged to make a donation to the organization.

"We want to help the families so they do not have to worry about any of the veterinary care," said Beth Hartman, a volunteer with PAWS of Honor.

Army Capt. Kelly Willard, DVM, the owner of Hudson Veterinary Hospital, truly believes in the cause and thinks helping the retired K-9 officers get the care they need is important work.

"I am in the army reserves and I was deployed in 2017 and I did get to work alongside with military police dogs," Dr. Willard said. "Many need a lot of medical care once they retire and we want to do whatever we can to help."

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