Dog Food Company Offering $6000 to Dog Owners Willing to Smell Their Dog's Poop

Omni, a British plant-based dog food company is offering a stinky opportunity with a great payout! The pet food company is offering dog owners $6000 to smell their dog's poop for two months... yes, you read that right—you'd have to sniff your dog's number twos. 

Those who participate will have to swap their dogs from their current diet to Omni's plant-based diet and then track how their stool is affected. 

Pet parents over the age of 18 with dogs that are not currently eating a plant-based diet are eligible for the gig. They will have to make detailed observations and take notes concerning the changes in their dog's feces and report back to Omni.

"For the role to be successful we will ask the owner to record their experience of introducing their dog to a plant-based diet, monitoring their bowel movements, stool odor, health, energy levels, behavior, sleep pattern, and physical attributes, such as weight, skin, and fur condition," Omni wrote of the job on its website.

Omni will pay for the food and also vet and pet nutritionist visits to make sure the dog transitions well to the new diet. After successful completion of the two months, pet parents will receive a $6000 payment and their dog will get toys and vegan treats. 

Interested parties should head to Omni's website to apply for the role. Applications must be submitted before March 31st. 

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