Dog Befriends Horse & Learns to Give Hugs

By 3 weeks ago

Two furry BFFs from Härryda, Sweden have become a viral sensation seemingly overnight.

Orion, the Australian shepherd, and Destiny the horse are quite the odd couple, warming peoples hearts across the Internet.

In the video clip that’s been shared hundreds of thousands of times, Orion shows off how he gives Destiny hugs. The pup balances on his hind legs so he can get up high enough to place his front paws on the horse’s snout in his attempt at a hug.

Destiny appears to be quite fond of Orion–they even match! She leans in when he jumps up and seemingly enjoys the pup’s attention.

If you want to see more of Orion, check him out on Instagram, where you can see even more of him and Destiny hanging out together.