Does Your Pet Need a COVID-19 Travel Passport?

The USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Service is letting pet owners know that if they plan to travel with their furry friend, they should check the country requirements of their destination and return country prior to travel. 

Vaccination status, health certificates, and other testing are just a few of the standard requirements for pets headed to other countries. 

Health certificates can be obtained electronically for $30 by USDA Accredited Veterinarians and then submitted to USDA APHIS for verification. 

But before you so much as book a flight, the first step is checking in with your choice of airline to learn their requirements when it comes to pet travel. Sometimes your destination may not require certain certificates, however, the airline will. 

As of December 1, 2021, dogs vaccinated in the United States by a US-licensed veterinarian may re-enter the United States from a high-risk country without a CDC Dog Import Permit. But if the US-issued rabies vaccination certificate has expired, you must apply for a CDC Dog Import Permit.

You can check out the laws for animal travel in various countries by visiting the site and selecting your destination from the drop-down list.

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