Cat Travels Through Italy with Owner in Special Pouch

Doina Muravschi and her cat, Bounty, are quite the traveling pair. Bounty hitches a ride in his special backpack over Doina's shoulder and has been on cycling tours of Italy, mountaineering, and camping. 

Most recently, Bounty became the first housecat to travel to the peak of La Grignetta, a 7,100-foot mountain in the Italian Alps.

Bounty was only adopted by Doina just four months ago. 

"I handmade a special pouch for him because cat carriers are not adapted to certain journeys," joked Muravschi, who documents her travel with Bounty on her Facebook page.

Doina said that Bounty was a little agitated in the bag at first, but grew to love it after a few days. Traveling together has been about more than just seeing the sights, but rather showing the world that cats can be adventurous companions, too.

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