Pets Can Help You Score a Date on Dating Apps

Dogs: they're good for your mental health and your online dating life.

A recent survey conducted by OnePoll of 2,000 people who use online dating apps, revealed that individuals who had a dog in their profile photo were more than 2x as likely to find love. 

Those polled reported that dogs on dating app profiles show that people are caring and passionate, responsible, and warm. 

On a funnier note, 39% of those surveyed said they have borrowed a friend's dog to snap a photo for their profiles. 

While borrowing your friend's canine might be great for getting matches, however, when you reveal that it's not actually your dog, people might think you're a liar.

According to one study, however, a third of people were actually more excited to meet the dog than the person, but if the dog likes you, it might make the owner like you more in the end. 

Beware, though, if you get into a relationship with a pet-owner because co-owning a pet can create a difficult situation. A quarter of respondents said that they stayed in a relationship longer because of a pet. So while owning a pet can help increase your odds of securing a date, it could make things difficult in the long run. 

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