People Won't Even Buy These Grocery Store Items in a Global Pandemic

By 1 year ago

You've probably poked through your local grocery store and discovered that some of your favorite things are sold out. Flour, frozen chicken nuggets, chips, toilet paper, and spray cleanser may not be available for a little while. However, when all the popular things are sold out, we get to see what society truly rejects when it comes to making hard decisions about groceries. One thing is for certain though, not even a global food shortage could convince people to eat frozen pineapple pizzas...

Baby Shark Cereal

Kellogs made a huge mistake when they decided to make this cereal. If they considered for one second that it's the parents of the children that are buying the cereal, they probably would have reconsidered. Seriously, there is no parent out there that can stand to hear "baby shark doot doot..." more than once a month, let alone hear it every morning during breakfast.


Corona Beer

Okay, this one almost goes without saying. Corona is going through one of the largest PR crises that a company has ever experienced in modern times. They need a little more help than just continued consumer interaction. 

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