People Are Very Confused by This Gross Crossword Answer

By 1 year ago

Oreos are a fan favorite chocolate cookie, perfect for dunking in milk or eating on their own. however, a new debate has emerged around the cookie, and it's not the typical one people have been having for years. Instead of the "twist and separate" or "eat whole" approaches, one crossword puzzle suggested that people eat the cookie dipped in...mustard?


People were incredibly confused by this clue, "Cookie that some people eat with mustard."  It even led some people to try this interesting combination. As one frequent crossword player wrote "Oreos and mustard — I can now inform you with learned experiential certainty — are wretched." Some even went as far as to request 14 cents of reimbursement for the cost of mints to get the taste out of their mouths. 

Though the brand of Oreos loved the shout out, the paper later clarified that it was a reference to a novel titled The Summer of '72. One passage describes two characters discussing their love for mustard on Oreos. The character of Lenny summed it up best: "Ugh, how can you eat Oreos with mustard?"

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