People Are Throwing Their Vans for a Strange Reason

The latest trend in viral videos is, as per usual, completely random.

This time around, the hottest thing to record is a video of yourself throwing your sneakers in the air and watching what happens when they land. But they can’t just be any sneakers…they’ve got to be Vans.

What’s the point of this strange internet “challenge?”

According to Twitter user @ibelievthehype, Vans always land right side up, and so, of course, the world has now set out to see if it’s true.

Before long, the tweet went viral, and Twitter users everywhere were posting videos of themselves throwing their sneakers across the room. In most cases, the trick surprisingly worked. Some people even tried throwing multiple pairs at once.

For others, it didn’t work out as planned.

Whether or not your Vans landed right-side up, the power of the internet to make you try strange things is very real.

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