People Are Sharing Their Worst Quarantine Baking Fails

With nothing but free time on their hands, many people have decided to use their time in quarantine to brush up on their hobbies. For some, that means getting into the kitchen and baking up some sweet treats. Not all these attempts work out so well though, as one Twitter user can certainly attest. A woman with the username LibyaLiberty wrote that she had created "what might possibly be, the world's most failed banana bread." Her followers could certainly relate. 

LibyaLiberty was not alone in her failed baking attempts. Several people replied with photos of their own worst fails, usually involving baking bread. She blamed it on the many who had posted pictures of their own perfect baked goods from during the crisis. "I almost forgot to put some blame where it rightly belongs," she said, "On the tweep who shared their perfect banana bread, thereby making me think I could produce the same outcome if I used the same recipe."

Others lamented the loss with the baking blunder. "I made a Donnie Darko Carrot Cake on accident," claimed one user, who had attempted a bunny-shaped cake that turned out a little sinister looking. "Hello. You may win most-failed banana bread, but I am champion of most-failed normal bread," replied another, who had messed up the science of bread baking to create something very unappealing in appearance and taste.

In the end, LibyaLiberty discovered where it had all gone wrong. She had accidentally used baking soda instead of baking powder, as discovered by a user who had made the mistake themselves before. "Ok I think the mystery has been at least partly solved," she replied, "I know what happened." For now, though, she's excited to get back into the kitchen and try for a better pan of banana bread. If she fails again, it probably won't be half as bad as some of those replies!

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