People Are Getting Into Canning—And Now It's Caused a Mason Jar Shortage

According to one mason jar retailer, online sales have increased by 600% by August. And they aren't the only ones.

When the pandemic first struck the United States earlier this year, people began to cook and bake at home in lieu of going out to eat. There were plenty of food trends that emerged from the boredom—sourdough bread, Dalgona coffee, banana bread. The latest trend, it seems, is canning.

However, the hobby comes at a cost, both figurative and literal. Due to the popularity of mason jars for suck a task, retailers are experiencing a shortage across the country.

Canning is nothing new, of course. People have been doing it for centuries as a way to maintain a food's freshness long after it is cooked—which is why it's become so popular.

"Almost every day, I get a note on Instagram like, 'hey, I'm having a hard time finding the lids for canning jars. Do you know where I might find them?' And then each time having to break the bad news to them that everyone's struggling," said Marisa McClellan, canning expert and author of the blog Food in Jars.

The bottom line is this: there are a few places you might be able to still find the glass containers, but reusing the double lids might put you at risk for botulism. Always make sure the jars you've purchased are safe for canning and don't buy more than you need.

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