People Are Getting Hilariously Creative With Their Mask Designs

By 1 year ago

Since now it's required to wear a mask nearly every time you enter a public space, some people are making the best out of a bad situation and attempting to use humor to spice up their day outside of the house. 

For fans of the Netflix show "Tiger King," you might enjoy this Joe Exotic-themed mask. Though some might question why novelty masks are even necessary and why can't people just buy N95 masks, some crafty people are managing to make a living off their sales. and other sites are finding new ways to market products, and one thing everyone certainly needs right now is a mask or two.

Some platforms like Twitter are posting threads of the best and worst masks that users have seen, and it will make you question why anyone would wear anything other than a medical-grade N95 mask. But for some people, this is a way to flourish their creativity, express individuality, and find some way to bring happiness into our newly-monotonous days. DIY bandana masks and hand-stitched masks are still popular and selling like crazy, but the fun novelty ones seem to be doing the same job just as well.

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