Pennsylvania Winery Releases Aptly-Named Wine for 2020

This Pennsylvania winery just released "a fine wine for the times." Literally.

Grovedale Winery sells about two dozen types of wine, but their most recent product is all too perfect for this ridiculous mess of a year. The small winery's oak barrel-aged blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is called—get ready for it—Sh!tshow. Talk about accuracy.

"It was actually the idea of our winemaker, who had said it as a joke at first," said winery owner Jeff Homer. "When we floated the idea to people, they immediately started laughing."

"We lift a glass together to celebrate life's good moments, and we thought having a wine for the 'sh!tshow' moments of life would help bring a smile," he continued. "At the time, we were thinking of situations like your friend goes through a divorce, or when your project at work fails.

"There's no way we could have predicted how crazy 2020 would become, but it does seem like it's the perfect gift to capture the times. That's why we made our tagline 'A fine wine for the times'."

The wine is sold through both Grovedale Winery's online store and also through its own special website,

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