Paris Apartment Left Untouched For 70 Years Reveals Socialites Dramatic Past

By 2 years ago

When an old woman dies with no other family, her estate is left up to appraisers. Usually, these people don’t find many things of value or even interest. This time around was absolutely different. It changed the lives of the appraisers and the people of Paris. The catch? This piece of wonder had been sitting around, unattended for 70 years… Nearly in plain sight.

Loss Of A Community Icon

In 2010, a small countryside town south of France lost a beloved member of their community. Known as Madame De Florian, the 91-year-old woman had been a part of that town since the 1940’s. She had made lifelong friendships with neighbors and their children. When she passed away, appraisers learned that she had an estate in Paris that had been in her possession for nearly 70 years. The professionals took the trip over to the city thinking it was just a routine day, but it turned out to be everything but normal.


Standing Time Capsule

Using the key that was in Madame De Florian’s possession, they entered the apartment and assumed they would just get straight to work. The apartment is in Paris’ 9th arrondissement near the red-light district. It was located in a bougie area, so they knew that the old woman possibly had some valuable belongings. But, what they found inside the seemingly abandoned apartment was truly shocking. Auctioneer Olivier Choppin-Janvry said that he felt like they, “stumbled into the castle of sleeping beauty.”

What Was This Place?

This apartment seemed like Paris’ best-kept secret. It had been untouched since 1940, perfectly preserving the life of an extraordinarily rich woman. From what they could tell, it seems that this place was abandoned at the very height of the cultural renaissance known as the Belle Époque. They felt like they were walking straight into a time capsule that should have never been opened. As they explored, they were completely awestruck. They found something nearly priceless…

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