Only Tall People Can Relate to These Hilarious Photos

You might think all tall people have it easy, but there are some issues that come with the territory. Just because you’re over 6 feet, doesn’t mean everything is so easy. Read on to see some of the most hilarious tall people fails…

No Leg Room

Long bus trips are already terrible, but having no leg room would make them so much worse! Something only long limbed people have to deal with…


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The More You Know

  • There are more than 24 time zones around the world.
  • Shakespeare is easier to understand, makes more sense, and is punnier when it's recited in its original pronunciation instead of a modern English accent.
  • A newborn baby is more than 3/4 water.
  • A Nepalese doctor has restored the sight of over 100,000 often poverty-stricken people in the last thirty years across Asia and Africa using a 5 minute procedure and an inexpensive artificial lens.
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