One Man Got Lost in the Parisian Catacombs and Never Returned, but Somehow His Video Camera Survived

Against the Law

This unnamed man was a “cataphile,” which is someone who explores the catacombs illegally, going significantly deeper than the 2 kilometers available for tourists to enter. This is an extremely dangerous hobby, due to the poor structural integrity of the catacombs themselves. That being said, cataphiles accept that risk for the sake of exploration…


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The More You Know

  • A Scarlet Macaw can live up to 80 years.
  • You can buy a completely renovated and converted Boeing 727 jet that accommodates 23 people for less than the cost of a Ferrari.
  • A full jumbo jet tank has enough fuel to drive a car around the world four times.
  • Elvis only won 3 Grammys.
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