No One Could Solve This Cold Case… Until a Local Baker Stepped In

By 1 year ago

In 1989, Mandy Spitvak disappeared from her small town while running on a quiet street. Her body was found, but the perpetrator was not. The case went cold for three decades until one detective joined forces with an unlikely ally, the local bakery. Together they tracked down the mystery man. Read on to see how they solved it…

Mandy Stavik

Mandy Stavik was a smart, athletic, musical, and an overall lovely teen girl. In 1989, Mandy returned from college to her hometown of Acme, Washington. She was off for Thanksgiving Break and was looking forward to spending time with her family and friends. She was 18 at the time…


A Perfect Town

Acme, Washington was a perfect small town. The police described Acme as the kind of place that you could leave doors unlocked and leaves keys in the car’s ignition. Nothing bad ever happened in Acme, that is, until the day Mandy’s German Shepard came back alone…

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