Wedding Situations You Thought Only Existed in Your Nightmares

By 1 year ago

Weddings can make people go crazy... Even if it's not their own! From crazy guest demands to bridezillas coaching what a guest should look like, all of the craziness gets put on the internet. People in the wedding world love to shame each other, and we love to watch it happen.

How Many People Is That?

Under the RSVP, instead of requesting a plus 1, they’re requesting a plus 16 adults and 4 kids… Um, how about we just uninvite you and call it a day? People are so entitled! Also, those song requests are trash.


She's Not My Cousin Anymore

Don’t ever let your family try and convince you to be around toxic members because “they’re family!” What her family should have done was booted the cousin out of the family tree. No cheaters allowed!

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