Engineers Drained the Niagara Falls and Uncovered Its Dark History

The famous Niagara Falls along the American/Canadian border is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the world. The immense waterfalls are so powerful that most people have to wear rain gear when they're visiting. This tourist destination is a hot spot for family and friends, but there's a dark and gloomy history that lurks beneath the surface...

The Day The Niagara Falls Stopped

In June of 1969, a team of engineers was successful in their task of stopping the flow of the famous Niagara Falls. Locals noticed that something was happening to the powerful falls and wanted professionals to get to the bottom of it. Not only did they figure out what was wrong, but they found out something troubling...


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The More You Know

  • Finland has more saunas than cars.
  • A baby can cost new parents 750 hours of sleep.
  • A reservoir in space holds 140 trillion times the amount of water in Earth's oceans.
  • The first American woman to go to medical school was admitted as a joke. Geneva Medical School thought it was joke when Elizabeth Blackwell applied to attend 1847. She graduated in 1849, started her own practice, and opened an infirmary for the poor.
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