New Tech Is Making Missing Pets a Thing of the Past

If you’ve ever had a pet go missing, you know the sheer helplessness and heartbreak you feel while you search for your furry friend.

According to the American Humane Association, more than 10 million dogs and cats go missing each year, so if you’ve ever had a missing pet, you’re certainly not alone. One of three pets will go missing in their lifetimes.

Devices like the Paw Tracker, the Whistle Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor, and the Findster, let you track your pet in real time on your phone through a small GPS device attached to their collar.

The Paw Tracker is $99.95 with an additional $10 fee per month per pet for the tracking. This device, specifically, allows you to track your pet in real time and also set up a Geofence around a safe area that alerts you if your pet takes off.

GPS pet trackers, along with microchips, are the two best ways to protect your pets if they go missing.

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