This New Jersey Restaurant Replaces Sandwich Bread With Pickles

Pickle lovers, rejoice! Opened in 2019, a restaurant called Elsie’s in Haddon Township, NJ has created the sandwich customization of your dreams. Customers have the option of replacing sandwich bread with a sliced open pickle to add a bit of crunch and salt to their lunch.

The inspiration came when Katerine Cohen, the store owner, found an old family recipe for pickles. She began using kosher pickles instead of rolls to make her signature sandwiches. From classic turkey and cheese to family favorites, each pickle sandwich is crafted to perfection.

The pickle is cut in half and scooped out to make room for the various ingredients. From there, customers can choose what goes inside their delicious treat, as well as sauces and special toppings like potato chips.

Each pickle comes in regular or spicy flavor. This low-carb and gluten-free alternative to bread has made many customers feel better about their unhealthy lunch choices. It better be good, or else Elsie’s is in a real pickle!

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