Netflix Originals Ranked from Least to Most Bingeworthy

Streaming is the way of the world these days. The most popular shows and movies are now just a click away on streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. There’s really something for everyone on the platform, but we’re here to fill you in on what’s hot and what’s… not.

We’ve all had a moment where we opened Netflix and took so long trying to decide what to watch that we eventually give up and do something else, so we’ve put in the legwork for you. Here’s what you should (and shouldn’t) binge next…

60 – Haters Back Off!

2 seasons – The oddball family life of YouTube star Miranda Sings, an untalented star who believes she was born to be famous, just misses the mark. The main character isn’t very likable and the humor just isn’t for everyone.


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The More You Know

  • More than 800 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea.
  • If you ate nothing but rabbit meat, you would die from protein poisoning.
  • In 1993, San Francisco held a referendum over whether a police officer called Bob Geary was allowed to patrol while carrying a ventriloquist’s dummy called Brendan O’Smarty. He was.
  • A species of squid has been observed to leap from the ocean by using pressurized water jets to achieve flight, going as far as 98 feet!
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