Neighbor Hears Cry For Help, But The Victim is Far From What She Imagined

By 1 year ago

Being neighborly also means minding your own business, but what if you hear someone yelling for help in a neighbor's yard? One neighbor called the police under that circumstance but ended up getting the shock of a lifetime...

Being Neighborly

It's always been important for people to get along with their neighbors and to look out for one another. Being neighborly and kind to others is a part of life and one of the most important ways to keep society thriving. So, when one neighbor called the police after hearing something disturbing, she thought that she was doing the right thing...


Looking Out

This anonymous neighbor wanted to make sure that the people next door were okay, instead of investigating for herself and potentially making the situation worse, she called the police. Little did she know, they would have a huge laugh once they arrived at the home...

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