NC Groups Team Up to Help Pets Stay Warm This Winter

Under the umbrella name "No Cold Pets-Gaston," the Gaston Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic, Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement, and Gastonia’s AJ’s Lawn and Landscaping have joined forces to help build and distribute dozens of dog and cat houses to local pet owners this winter.

Since early November, these businesses and organizations have been working together to provide pet shelters to those in need. Gastonia's JDP Detailing has helped fund the project. providing $50 for every shelter built.

The local police work to identify pet owners who need the shelter built and ensure the delivery of the structures. 

Ashly Hernandez of Gastonia has five dogs living outside, but could not provide a shelter for all of them.

"I could only afford three pet houses for them, but lost one a few months back due to a storm," she said. "I have been jobless for three months and with four girls to take care of, I was unable to replace it."

After hearing Hernandez's plea, shelters for all five dogs have been delivered. 

This project has been ongoing since 2019, and in total, the Lawings have built more than 200 shelters. They also donate pet food and straw for bedding. 

"The need of these houses are usually during the winter, by having extra hands to help us with our mission, we hope to continue to build as many houses as we can to be able to have enough before the surge of need begins," Kenny said.

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