Mysterious Ghost Ship Returns After Disappearing Ten Years Ago Without a Trace

For nearly a decade, this ship was assumed to be lost at sea—but when it washed up on the shores of Southeast Asia, authorities were baffled by what they found onboard...

In the Distance

On August 27, 2018, fishermen left their homes, headed for the coast to get started on the day's work. At first, it just seemed like another day in the Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar. That is—until the fishermen noticed something strange in the water.


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The More You Know

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  • The Japanese Hornet is one of the largest and most venomous hornets in the world. A sting from this bug can result in kidney failure.
  • Pigs can eat an entire human body, mostly because they’ll just eat anything.
  • Mice and rats can spread at least 35 different diseases to humans
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