Murder, Satanism and Church Burnings; the True Story Behind the Origin of Norwegian Black Metal

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Following the release of Vice’s “Lords of Chaos,” which is an adaptation of the book “Lords of Chaos,” written by Didrik Søderlind and Michael Moynihan, the Satanic metal band Mayhem’s story has been re-opened, this is the reason that your parents didn’t want you to listen to metal.

Let the Mayhem Begin…

In 1984, Oystein Aarseth (aka. Euronymous) founded Mayhem in the basement of his parent’s house in Oslo, Norway. Mayhem was predicated on the band’s hatred of glamorous conventional metal, they promoted anarchy, isolation, violence, and Satanism.


Piecing It Together

Mayhem was without a singer for four years, in that time they practiced with just one drummer (Hellhammer), one bassist (Necrobutcher), and one guitarist (Euronymous). The band caught word of a singer who was looking to leave his band, Morbid, and to move to Norway to make true black metal. This man was named Dead…

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