Mugshots of A-List Celebs Who Were Caught Red-Handed

By 4 months ago

Even celebrities aren't above the law. From drug possession to trespassing, these celebrities have interesting stories to tell at the next big party.

Amanda Bynes

Child star Amanda Bynes had a rough go of it in the early 2010s. Her downward spiral began with this mugshot after she fled the scene of an accident with a police officer. He was writing her a ticket and she booked it out of there! They caught up with her, and thus this mugshot was born.


Tabloids went insane over Bynes' public mental breakdown and her "Easter Egg Inspired" hair color. Things only got worse for the child star as she spiraled deeper into a depression. Now, eight-year later, Bynes says that she's happy and healthy with the help of rehab.

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