Mr. B, The 26-Pound Cat, Has Found a Home

Mr. B, the 26-pound beast of a cat, will be moving in with a foster family after an outpouring of adoption queries

More than 3,000 families applied to adopt the “big-boned” feline after Morris Animal Refuge of Philadelphia shared photos of him. His forlorn expression and flabby fluff struck the hearts of cat lovers everywhere.

Mr. B underwent a veterinary exam that revealed he possessed “underlying health and behavioral issues,” which led the shelter to pair him off with a foster family that could be truly dedicated to Mr. B. The foster family has experience with raising more complicated kitties.

As long as the family is able to meet Mr B.’s needs, he’ll hopefully remain in this placement longterm. For fans of the cat, Morris Animal Refuse staffers promised they’d keep everybody updated on his journey.

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