The Biggest Movie Backstabbers In Cinema History

What’s about to follow are some of the worst betrayals in movies that have ever happened on the big screen. Deaths, deceit and doggerels run rampant in the cinematic landscape to conjure up the biggest drama. Get ready for some spoilers.

Double Jeopardy (1999)

Upon being found alone on a yacht covered in her husband’s blood, Elizabeth is framed for his murder. He didn’t die, but wanted to take advantage of his life insurance. Elizabeth then decides to actually kill him since she reasons she cannot get tried for the same case twice.


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The More You Know

  • Frank Sinatra was offered the lead role in Die Hard.
  • The filming of 'The Godfather' was disrupted by an actual Mafia member, Joe Colombo. Producer Al Ruddy met with him and reviewed the script, striking the word "Mafia" completely from the movie. Colombo and his pals also managed to elbow their way into casting and ended up as extras in the film.
  • Quentin Tarantino wants to stop making movies after his 10th film. The Hateful Eight was his 8th film.
  • The names of the taxi driver and the policeman in everybody’s favourite Yuletide outing, It’s A Wonderful Life, are Bert and Ernie. The writers working on Sesame Street at the time claim it’s merely a coincidence.
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