Most Epic Camping Fails (and Wins!) of All Time

By 2 years ago

Getting out into nature for a camping trip seems like a dream. From the fresh air, the escape from reality, and the sweet smell of a good ol’ fashioned bonfire, a camping trip can restore you in the best way.

The people in these photos needed an escape, too, but as you’ll learn from these folks, nature can be unpredictable, and camping trips don’t always go as planned. Check out how these campers spiced up their trips, for better, or for worse…

Unhappy Camper

Look, it’s just a fact of life, not EVERYONE enjoys the great outdoors, and this cat has clearly had enough.


Messy Situation

While getting dirty while camping is expected, an inconsiderate driver decided to speed away from this campsite spraying the campers and all of their gear with a whole lot of mud.

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