The Most Legendary Comic-Con Cosplays of All Time


Everyone is so stoked on the new CGI Lion King movie, but you have to respect the classic that it came from. This is the most convincing Jafar costume that anyone could pull off. Drop the cloaks and don some leather armor, you can cosplay Draven from League of Legends the day after.


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The More You Know

  • Before mating, the female giraffe will first urinate in the male's mouth.
  • The oceans contain 200,000 different kinds of viruses.
  • In 2009, Burger King launched a campaign that if you unfriended 10 friends on Facebook, you were entitled to a free Whopper. The person you unfriended would get a message telling them that their friendship is worth less than a Whopper.
  • Only two national flags have the color purple on them.
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