Missing Boy Returns Three Years After Abduction—But He's Hiding a Dangerous Secret

Troubled Teen

On June 13, 1994, Nicholas Barclay was out playing basketball with his friends. He called home, asking if his mother would pick him up, but she was sleeping and Nicholas' older brother, Jason, didn't want to wake her.

Nicholas and his mother, Beverly Dollarhide, had a contentious relationship. The police had been called to the Barclay residence on a number of occasions due to domestic disputes. Nicholas often cursed at Beverly, resorting to physical violence when he didn't get his way.


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The More You Know

  • Surfaces near the equator move much faster than those in other locations on Earth.
  • The youngest parents in the world were aged 8 and 9.
  • St. Lucia is the only country that is named after a woman.
  • Mount Rushmore cost less than $1 million.
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